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Oil Removal < 5 PPM


Bilge water is common to all ships and is produced from amongst other cleaning the engine rooms and bilge areas of the ship, deck areas of passenger ships, condensation of atmospheric humidity from the air‐conditioning plants and miscellaneous small leakages from equipment/systems.

Bilge water consists of a varying assortment of oil and grease, oxygen‐demanded substances, and organic and inorganic materials including volatile organic compounds, semi‐volatile organic compounds, inorganic salts and metals.

Slop water is a general term for water contaminated with hydrocarbons as well as other chemicals and wastes produced on offshore oil and gas rigs from cleaning the pipe and drill deck. On rigs for exploration of oil and gas, large volumes of slop water are generated every day.

NaCoM's Oil Removal Unit removes oil from water by a combination of electrocoagulation and flocculation processes. No chemicals are needed!

The baseline unit has a capacity of 1000 litres pr day, but can easily be expanded to 10 – 20 m3/day.


For more information download our presentation her: "NaCoM Oil Removal.pdf"