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Filters and Strainers



The difference between a strainer and a filter is not easy to describe because it is more or less the same. They both have the same purpose i. e. to separate solid particles from a fluid.

In daily use we split by the degree of filtration. Filters are fine and strainers coarse, although we also name them from types. Temporary strainers like Y-types, Top Hat and Bath Tubs are mostly called strainers, whilst Bucket, Cartridge and Bag types are mostly called filters, regardless of degree of filtration. Simply said, Filters has a degree of filtration from 1 micron (0,001 mm) up to 1 - 2 mm (2000 micron).

NaCoM supplies all types of filters and strainers, both of their own tailor made design as well as mass produced standard types.